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City to enforce trash ordinance

October 20, 2016 GMT

Booneville will officially begin enforcing its new solid waste ordinance next month after letters are sent out notifying residents of the changes. Aldermen okayed wording of a letter Tuesday that will be sent out to all residents regarding the new law and agreed that it will be enforced beginning Nov. 15 after time for residents to be notified and comply. The new ordinance, approved unanimously by aldermen in June, requires residents to place garbage for pickup only in the approved containers provided by the city’s trash pickup provider and remove the containers within a specified period of time. The new law does away with permanent trash bins or holding fences at the roadside. The ordinance states garbage for collection must be placed in plastic garbages that are tied or closed properly and then placed in the containers provided by Waste Connections. Trash must not be placed outside or around the can for pickup, though the law states occasional use of private containers or overflow of trash from holidays or special occasions will be considered on a case by case basis. Containers must be stored close to the home or an outbuilding on the property. All holding containers at the end of the road must be removed and only the required containers used. Garbage containers may not be placed out before 6 p.m. on the evening before the normal pickup day and must be removed within 24 hours of the pickup day. Violation of the law will result in a penalty of $25 for the first violation, $50 for a second violation and $100 for any additional violations. The person violating the law can also be ordered to pay restitution for any costs another resident incurs in having garbage that has been strewn removed from their property. The law officially went on the books on Sept. 26 after required legal publication but the city has not begun enforcing it until they had a chance to notify residents by mail to ensure all are aware of the requirements. Ward 4 Alderman David Bolen noted the roadside receptacles must be removed but the only method the city has to enforce the removal is by issuing citations under the ordinance. The city does not have the authority to go onto private property to remove them. “We’re as eager as the public is to keep our city beautiful and clean,” he said.