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Communist Leader Killed during Stalin Era May Be Rehabilitated

August 12, 1987

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) _ Milan Gorkic, a leader of Yugoslavia’s Communist Party who was executed during Josef Stalin’s purges, may be rehabilitated, the state news agency Tanjug said Wednesday.

The Tanjug report followed articles in two Belgrade publications that hinted at rehabilitation for Gorkic, who headed the Yugoslav Communist Party from 1932 to 1937, when he was killed in Moscow.

Josip Broz Tito succeeded Gorkic as leader of Yugoslavia’s Communists. Tito, who died in 1980, broke with the Soviet Union in 1948.

The Belgrade daily Borba said recently that Gorkic was mistakenly condemned to death as a traitor and foreign spy because of ″an unfortunate combination of circumstances and lack of historical research.″

Gorkic ″did not deserve″ either his death sentence or the condemnation of Yugoslav Communists, Borba said. In its latest issue, the Belgrade weekly NIN said Yugoslav Communists had no choice at the time but to accept the decision of Soviet judges.

Tanjug said that a recently published Yugoslav book, ″The Revolution under the Wing of the Comintern,″ contains a selection of Gorkic’s work.

″The book confirms that Gorkic was an exceptionally intelligent man, resembling the Russian revolutionaries of the turn of the century,″ the news agency said.

″Judging by his writings, his appraisal of his times was very good and he did not agree with the Comintern’s Stalinist course,″ it added.

The agency reported without elaboration that Tito said in 1977 Gorkic ″was no foreign spy,″ thus hinting at a change in the official view of the dead Communist leader.

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