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Where have all the Republicans gone? -- Mike Pfrang

February 12, 2019 GMT

I grew up in the Fox Valley in the 1950s. My question is: Where did all the Republicans go?

Back then you could identify them, because they had the nicest houses and nicest cars, and belonged to the country club -- but they were good people. They sat in the pew next to you in church. They cared about their communities and the people who lived there, including those who worked for them. They gave their time and money to those less fortunate than they were.

Today we have a president who couldn’t get elected president of the local Rotary Club in Waukesha or Port Washington or Neenah. People calling themselves “Republicans” flock like the wise men heading east, to lay their gifts of votes and money at the feet of the giant child.

They’re not the Republicans I remember. These are just a pack of nativists, populists, misogynists and other assorted bigots, looking to rape and pillage our political system under the banner of small case “conservatism.”

Where did Republicans go? Are any still around?

Mike Pfrang, Madison