Jim Steward: Real flakes deny climate change

December 27, 2018 GMT

Editor: All climate change deniers cherry pick obscure information and run it up the flag pole as proof that climate change is a conspiracy invented by liberals. Carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons like methane are increasing in the atmosphere at alarming rates. The CO2 is dissolving in the ocean and destroying reefs all over the world and leading to declines in fish stocks. CO2 is also deflecting the sun’s energy back towards the earth and increasing global temperatures. The obvious sources of CO2 in the atmosphere are animals breathing it and burning things. The carbon in CO2 results from the foods animals eat and the same for the trees we burn. That is new CO2. For almost a century we can date history by the decay of isotopes of carbon in the organic material. The older the organic material is the more decay of isotopes. It’s called carbon 14 dating. Well guess what, in the last 150 years, the amount of “new” CO2 in the atmosphere has been increasing, and since World War II it has really taken off. Another contributor to warming is the methane emitted by mammals. There are too many of us and we are raising too many sheep, goats and cows all passing too much gas.


So, perhaps mankind is indeed causing global warming. Ice sheets are melting, tree lines are creeping toward the poles and animal migrations are changing as the world warms. Storms are getting more destructive and fire season is getting longer and more destructive. Yet, a few isolated measurements are prove the world in not getting warmer. I think not!

Jim Steward

Lake Havasu City