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Drugs Seized in ‘Drug Free’ Park

July 26, 1989

SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) _ Police said they confiscated 77 rocks of crack cocaine at the park activist Dick Gregory declared drug free.

Gregory, who has been waging a personal war on drugs in Shreveport, said at a July 4 celebration that A.B. Palmer Park had been cleared of drug traffic.

Police said they chased two suspects from the park Friday and found 26 rocks of crack on a picnic table. There were no arrests. On Sunday, police said, they arrested a suspect on drug charges and found 51 rocks of crack in a water bottle on a bicycle.

They said they also seized more than $2,000 in cash and a pager.

″It happened in a corner of the park where most of our attention has not been focused,″ Reginald Toran, a spokesman for Gregory said.

Toran said the finding of drugs didn’t reflect negatively on Gregory’s effort to rid the area of drugs. ″If you had known the park beforehand, you would understand why I say that,″ he said.