They don’t know what to do

April 20, 2017 GMT

“The Dogs That Can’t Drive” is a column British journalist Gary Younge wrote for the Nation Magazine. This title refers to the Republicans who, after chasing the car of governance for years, don’t know what to do now they have caught it. The prime example of dog catches car, is the A.C.A or Obamacare. The Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare more than 60 times, but when given a chance, failed to offer a coherent replacement.

Another comparison would be Republicans as 2-year olds. The only thing they say is “NO!” No to the environment, no to diplomacy, no to people who work for a paycheck, no to farmers, no to services for the poor, no to economic consideration for the 99 percent, no to education, no to housing, no to transportation infrastructure, no to parks, no to Public Broadcasting, no to legal services and no to the National Endowment for the Arts. The only thing these Republicans want to do is play with their G.I. Joes. Any politician who votes like a 2-year-old needs to be hassled at their town meeting and replaced at the ballot box.

Steve Miller

Nauvoo, Ill.