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Disney Sues Edmonton Mall Over Use of Fantasyland Name

November 2, 1993 GMT

EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) _ Letting West Edmonton Mall use the Fantasyland name is like allowing somebody to sell fake Rolex watches, a lawyer for Walt Disney Co. argued in court.

Disney on Monday tried to convince the Alberta Court of Appeal to uphold a 16-month-old decision forcing the mall to drop the name from its indoor amusement park.

″The word Fantasyland did not exist before we invented it,″ said Roger Hughes, Disney’s lawyer.

He said Fantasyland was coined as a name for a section of Disneyland, which the company built in California 28 years ago.


An Edmonton judge ruled last July that West Edmonton Mall must stop calling its 10-year-old indoor amusement park Fantasyland.

Mall owners Triple Five Corp. were given 30 days to remove all signs and other references to Fantasyland. But an appeal court judge stayed that order until a decision is made on Monday’s one-day hearing.

Triple Five lawyer Rod McLennan argued Disney couldn’t be harmed by the mall’s version of Fantasyland because of the distance between the two venues.

″One doesn’t make a mistake and turn left on the way to West Edmonton Mall because they see a sign for Anaheim (where Disneyland is),″ he said. ″They’re not competitors.″

There was no word on when a ruling will be made.