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Reagan, After Rambo: “I Know What to Do″

June 30, 1985 GMT

WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Reagan, waiting to address the nation in the Oval Office following the release of the 39 freed American hostages Sunday evening, joked that ″after seeing ‘Rambo’ last night, I know what to do the next time this happens.″

″Rambo,″ a new movie starring Sylvester Stallone, is about a highly trained Vietnam veteran who single-handedly rescues a group of Americans who had been held prisoner in Southeast Asia long after the war ended.

Reagan, who has been embarrassed before by remarks he has made in front of an open microphone, was chatting with technicians while waiting to address a national television audience as the hostages flew to freedom from Damascus after 17 days of captivitiy in Lebanon.

Reagan earlier had publicly ruled out the use of force to rescue the hostages, saying to attempt a military operation would endanger the lives of the captives.