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Robert Redford Spoofs Quayle At Dukakis Rally

September 29, 1988 GMT

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (AP) _ Actor Robert Redford, who has denounced comparisons between him and Republican Dan Quayle as ″Quayle droppings,″ couldn’t resist a bit of fun Thursday with the issue.

″Hello, everybody, I’m Dan Quayle,″ Redford said as he looked out at the crowd of several thousand gathered to see Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis.

Redford then introduced Dukakis, saying he supported the Massachusetts governor because ″we can’t sit back for another eight years of neglect and abuse of our environment.″

The Republican vice presidential candidate’s blond good looks have been compared with Redford’s since 1980, when Quayle first ran for the Senate.

In fact, Quayle associates have said that the Indiana senator’s political aspirations had been inspired in part by ″The Candidate,″ a 1972 film in which Redford starred as a young politician.

After Quayle was picked as George Bush’s running mate, the comparison with Redford resurfaced, much to the actor’s irritation.

″This whole thing sounds like Quayle droppings to me,″ Redford said in a statement last month.