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Protesters Burn Singapore Flags

March 25, 1995

MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ Protesters spat, stomped on and burned Singapore flags today on the eve of the burial of a Filipino maid hanged in Singapore.

Flor Contemplacion, who was hanged last week, was convicted of murdering a fellow Filipino maid and a 4-year-old boy. Filipinos feel her guilt was not proven and have vehemently protested the execution.

The protesters asked for tougher government action against Singapore for the hanging. President Fidel Ramos has already withdrawn his ambassador to Singapore, and Singapore responded by recalling its ambassador.

Ramos has threatened to cut off ties completely if a Filipino inquiry finds Mrs. Contemplacion innocent. He also banned Filipinos from going to Singapore to work as maids.

The demonstrators burned some 3,000 paper flags in the capital and elsewhere. They also burned effigies of Ramos and Singapore officials.

Singapore on Tuesday demanded an apology from the Philippine government for the burning of a Singapore flag by protesters a day earlier. There has been no apology.

Mrs. Contemplacion is to be buried Sunday in her hometown, San Pablo in Laguna province, about 50 miles south of Manila.

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