Bought a New Car? Check Registration

November 24, 2018

By James Harotunian

Did you know, that when you sell your old car, and buy a new one, your vehicle’s registration expiration date stays the same?

You’d think a new registration timeline comes with a new car. When you switch license plates to your new car, the registration timeline does not change.

Theoretically, if you buy a new car one week before the expiration of your registration, you’s better hurry up and renew.

We used to be able to rely on mailed notices from the Registry of Motor Vehicles. This no longer occurs, and thus we must all pay attention to our registration expiration dates. I am told, the last digit of most license plates relates to the month of expiration. This gives police a broad picture of your registration timeline. If they look closer at your registration sticker the year and color will round out your registration story.

So, put this newspaper down, and walk to your car. Note the registration expiration date on your calendar. If you need to re-register go to your Registry office, a AAA branch or go online to www.mass.gov/rmv .

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