Top rom-coms

November 15, 2016 GMT

Whether you love them or hate them, romantic comedies have been a staple of American cinema throughout the years. Although the genre often gets overshadowed by dramas during awards season and by blockbuster action flicks in the summer, rom-coms have proven to be successful both critically and commercially.Take 1998′s ” Shakespeare in Love ”: The film beat out heavyweights like ” Saving Private Ryan ” to win best picture at the Oscars and raked in nearly $300 million worldwide. Of course, not all romantic comedies enjoy such success, and for every winner there are bound to be duds (see: ” Gigli ”).To separate the best of the bunch, PrettyFamous, an entertainment research site by Graphiq, found the top rom-coms of all time. The team ranked romantic comedies on their Smart Rating — a score out of 100 that takes into account a movie’s Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer and Audience Score, IMDb rating, Metacritic Metascore, Gracenote rating and the inflation-adjusted cumulative U.S. box office gross. Movies were required to have over 15,000 IMDb votes to qualify and ties are broken by a film’s IMDb rating.The movies in this ranking span nearly 85 years, from 1931′s ” City Lights ” to 2016′s musical ” Sing Street ” (#29). Although some modern films like ” The Artist ” crack the top 10, it’s the classics that come out on top.Here are the top 25.Note: Movie descriptions are sourced from Gracenote with minor edits.