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Congo says Ebola efforts can resume after deadly attack

September 26, 2018 GMT

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Congo’s health ministry says efforts to contain the latest Ebola outbreak can resume Wednesday in a key community where a deadly rebel attack over the weekend caused work to be suspended.

Civil society in Beni had demanded that commercial and other activity stop for five days to protest the attack by suspected Allied Democratic Forces rebels that killed at least 18 people.

Now the health ministry says work to counter Ebola can continue after the “gravity of the epidemic” and dangers of pausing containment efforts were explained.

The World Health Organization says the insecurity, public defiance about vaccinations and political jockeying could create a “perfect storm” leading this outbreak to spread.

Congo reports 120 confirmed Ebola cases, including 70 deaths, as of Tuesday.

Cases have been reported close to Uganda.