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NADPS receives donation to purchase cooling vests for each officer

June 30, 2018

North Augusta Public Safety officers will soon have a little help combatting hot summer days, thanks to a donation from Miriam and Michael Ford of Rowland-Ford Funeral Home.

The Fords donated a check in the amount of $6,500 to the department to purchase cooling vests for each of the officers.

“These guys are out there protecting us and keeping us safe 24/7, and we just wanted to give back and let them know how much we appreciate them, and try to keep them safe,” Miriam said. “Being out there in all this heat and humidity with all the gear that they wear can be dangerous, and we want to make sure they’re taken care of.”

North Augusta Public Safety Chief John C. Thomas said the vests will be a “tremendous asset” for the department, and will go underneath their regular day-to-day vest.

“Our officers wear these vests daily and they have a shelf life; obviously they’re very heavy and cumbersome and so it allows us to have a better opportunity to wear the vest more comfortably and these things aren’t designed to be comfortable, they’re heavy and it’s very hot in and out, especially when the heat index is well over 100 [degrees],” Thomas said.

Michael Ford said there aren’t a lot of options for equipment to keep officers comfortable, so cooling vests seemed to be the obvious choice.

“Our summer lasts longer here than it does just about anywhere else, so this is going to be something they can get the most use out of and the most benefit out of,” Michael said.