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Austin’s 3-D gunmaker to announce action plan Tuesday

August 28, 2018

AUSTIN — The Austin man fighting in federal court to share blueprints for building 3D-printed guns plans to unveil a “national plan of action” today, after a Seattle judge blocked him from distributing directions for making the novel weapons online.

The guns have no serial numbers and cannot be spotted by some metal detectors, according to court documents.

Cody Wilson, who has designed the guns, argues that he has a First Amendment right to share the blueprints. However, the court on Monday granted an injunction to stop him from sharing do-it-yourself directions until a lawsuit over the matter is resolved. Attorneys general in nine states have sued to stop Wilson and his company, Defense Distributed, from making the blueprints available to the public.

The decision sidelines an agreement made between the Trump administration and Wilson’s company, Defense Distributed to permit him to share the blueprints after a years-long legal battle. The company first posted directions for a 3D-printed gun in 2013.

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