Byron football - PRINT ONLY

September 2, 2018
Lined up in rows, seniors lead the rest of the team in stretches to prevent injuries during practice.

High school football players have three weeks to prepare for their first games.

From the first whistle to start practice to the last pep talk before the game, coaches and players work to become a team.

Like most area teams, the Byron Bears started work at 7 a.m., Aug. 13, with team guidelines, play installations and expectations.

Each week played a role in preparing for the season.

“We try to get our entire offense, defense and special teams installed in the first week,” head coach Ben Halder said. “So there is a lot of learning and there will be a ton of mistakes made. But without mistakes you can’t learn.”

The second week was devoted to refinement. There was a scrimmage with other teams and evaluations.

“The first two weeks are to find out who can play what positions and who your people might be that play a bunch,” Halder said.

After that, it’s all preparation for the first night under the lights.

The Bears finished 6-4 last season and haven’t set any season goals. They’ll take it one game at a time.

“We talk about 1-0 each week. The game we play that week is the only one that matters,” Halder said. “If we focus on being 1-0, that stuff will all get to a point where it takes care of itself.”

A7: 3 weeks. 52 players. 1 goal.