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Mayville man sentenced for stealing cash register

October 19, 2017

JUNEAU — A 51-year-old Mayville man was given a one-year prison sentence on Thursday for misdemeanor charges related to taking a cash register from a Mayville restaurant in March.

Kenneth J. Heinrich had his charges reduced from felonies and was found guilty of a misdemeanor charge of theft and carrying a concealed knife.

Dodge County Circuit Court Judge Steven Bauer sentenced him to one year of initial incarceration and a year of an extended sentence. He was given 234 days of credit for time served.

According to the criminal complaint, police responded to the theft of a cash register at Sherwood Family Restaurant, 1145 Horicon St., March 26 at 7:23 p.m. The suspect was not recognized by anyone at the restaurant. Workers told officers there was about $2,000 in the register.

Heinrich ordered a meal at the restaurant but never paid for the meal. According to the complaint, he told the woman at the cash register that he had $20 and was checking his pockets. Then he grabbed the register and ran out the door.

A witness followed Heinrich into the parking lot and demanded that he drop the register. Heinrich allegedly dropped the register on the hood of a car before pulling out a knife and running away.

Police received a tip the next day that the man who robbed the restaurant was at Sidelines Bar in Mayville. He was found at the bar wearing the same clothes he had while taking the cash register the day before and was carrying a knife.

Heinrich allegedly told officers that he took the cash register but the cord got stuck in the door. He dropped the cash register on the ground and was able to pick up $36.