Howie Mandel blasts award shows for honouring undeserving actors

January 10, 2019

Howie Mandel has blasted award shows for honouring people for “pretending and wearing make-up”.

The ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge has insisted he would “never” want to host the Academy Awards, and went on to suggest while filmmakers are worthy of recognition, actors are not on the same level.

Asked about the job while speaking to Busy Philipps on ‘Busy Tonight’, he said: “Never, never. No desire to. I would never want to do it... That is the most thankless job, I think, in our industry...

“Nobody comes out of there a real winner... I don’t understand any awards for what we do. Really you’re just pretending.

“Your husband [Marc Silverstein] deserves an award. He writes things, he directs things...”

However, Howie - who has enjoyed a career as a stand-up and actor himself - insisted the grandeur surrounding such glitzy ceremonies was too much, and said performers should do more to earn their awards.

He argued: “For somebody to show up in the morning, and somebody drives you usually there, and then they sit down and then they, you don’t even comb your own hair.

“They comb your hair, they put make-up on you, they put a piece of tape and they say stand there and say this... And then we have a night where we say to them, ‘Brilliant!’

“I don’t know that we need to be that celebratory. That’s the biggest celebration on earth and it’s just about people who are pretending and wearing make-up.”

Howie, 63, had shrugged off the possibility of hosting the Oscars after Kevin Hart, 39, stepped down from the role after initially refusing to apologise for controversial past tweets.

Although the ‘Night School’ star has now said sorry for his remarks, he recently admitted it wasn’t likely that he’d be brought back into the fold.

He added: “If you’re a gambling man, that means that you’re a gambler, so you’ve gotta let your money roll. I’m not gonna say anything, and I’m definitely not gonna say it here, but the chances are very slim.”

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