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Oliver Stone Receives Two Writers Guild Nominations

February 6, 1987 GMT

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Oliver Stone received two award nominations Thursday from the Writers Guild of America for his original screenplays for ″Platoon,″ a personal account of the Vietnam War, and ″Salvador.″

″Platoon″ is currently the nation’s box office leader and a critical success, while ″Salvador,″ about a free-lance journalist caught in the crossfire of civil war in El Salvador, was praised by reviewers but attracted little attention from moviegoers.

Nominated with Stone for ″Salvador″ was Richard Boyle.

″It would be very hard to have another year as good as this one has been,″ Stone said in a statement issued Thursday.

Other nominees for best screenplay written directly for the screen were David Lynch, for ″Blue Velvet,″ a surrealistic story about love and brutality in a small American town, and Woody Allen for ″Hannah and Her Sisters,″ a look at the complex relationship between a man, his ex-wife and her sisters.

Also nominated were Neil Jordan and David Leland for ″Mona Lisa,″ about a beautiful prostitute and her homely, infatuated driver.

Nominated for best screenplay adapted from another medium were Hesper Anderson and Mark Medoff for ″Children of a Lesser God,″ the story of a romance between a deaf girl and her teacher; and Paul Mazursky and Leon Capetanos for ″Down and Out In Beverly Hills,″ the story of a rich family that adopts a derelict who is saved from drowning in their pool.

Also Howard Ashman for his adaptation of the off-Broadway musical ″Little Shop of Horrors,″ which in turn was adapted from a cult movie; Ruth Prawer Jhabbala for ″A Room With A View,″ a turn-of-the century romance set in Italy and England; and Raynold Gideon and Bruce Evans for ″Stand By Me,″ about a summer of discovery for a group of adolescent boys.

All 9,000 members of the Writers Guild were eligible to vote for this year’s theatrical release nominees, from 129 original screenplays and 53 scripts adapted for the screen.

Winners will be revealed March 26 at the 39th annual WGA Awards in ceremonies at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and at The Saint in New York.

The following is the list of nominees with the writer, title of the movie, and distributor.

Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen:

David Lynch, ″Blue Velvet,″ DEG.


Woody Allen, ″Hannah and Her Sisters,″ Orion.

Neil Jordan and David Leland, ″Mona Lisa,″ Island.

Oliver Stone, ″Platoon,″ Orion.

Oliver Stone and Richard Boyle, ″Salvador,″ Hemdale Film Corp.

Best Screenplay Adapted for Another Medium.

Hesper Anderson and Mark Medoff, ″Children of a Lesser God,″ Paramount.

Paul Mazursky and (working separately) Leon Capetanos, ″Down and Out in Beverly Hills,″ Disney.

Howard Ashman, ″Little Shop of Horrors,″ Warner Bros.

Ruth Prawer Jhabbala, ″A Room with a View,″ Cinecom.

Raynold Gideon and Bruce Evans, ″Stand By Me,″ Columbia.