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Orchids and Onions: Tuesday, November 20, 2018

November 21, 2018 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the nail cutter. Overcharged from posted price and ended up with an infected finger! Will not return!

Onions to my son asking me how to cook a 25-pound turkey in the microwave. I didn’t know, so I tried it, and I now I have a big mess on my hands -- and I ruined my Thanksgiving turkey! Guess we’l go to the Golden Corral this Thanksgiving.

Orchids to Democrats. Glad some of us had the good sense to show up during the election! And some of us even voted more than once!

Orchids to Dr. Sorokin for giving my Queen Marlene a new crown.


Orchids to Debbie for keeping our house mucked-out, spic-n-span, ready for inspection year after year. We love you!

Onions on selling a home by alleged swingers. What folks do is fine if it is lawful, not hurting or impeding you. Being judgmental is much worse. Quit Snowflaking.

Orchids to Ted and Angie, D and D Windows, for giving our outlook on life so clear through clean our windows!

Onions to construction businesses that feel they can park their big trucks wherever they want when working on someone’s home. They have blocked driveways, mailboxes etc. Please be courteous and watch where you park.

Orchids to Dr. Senica for keeping my vision sharp even into my dotage! Jack

Onions to the punk on Friday morning who passed me on North Palo Verde Boulevard between Highway 95 and London Bridge Road. It is 25 mph there, I was going 30. Then sped down the street. What a moron. Then karma kicked in. Orchids to Campbell Redi-Mix for the line of trucks he then had to follow. Made my day.

Orchids to residents when you finally put those large, blue “lawn ornaments” from Republic out of sight. You are making your neighborhood look ugly by leaving your garbage cans visible from the street!

Orchids to APC painting and drywall. Fast reasonable and quality work. Special thanks to Jr., Ismael, and Chuy.

Orchids to Don at Bradley Ford service center for replacing the batteries in my car key fobs. Very pleasant to talk to and they work great. Thank You

Orchids to Dirty Details for the best wash and wax I’ve ever had on my car! It literally looks like glass, thank you Hazcell!

Onions to not being able to see my family doctor from October to April. When I get sick I have to go to Urgent care and I live here all year. Not cool.

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