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Graham Says I-95 Patrols Have Helped Stop Robberies

September 12, 1985

MIAMI (AP) _ Increased patrols had virtually eliminated robberies along busy Interstate 95 in Dade County, Gov. Bob Graham said Wednesday, and the extra officers will remain in place indefinitely.

The governor said 139 incidents had been reported on I-95 this year, but only three since Aug. 10, when he annouced the formation of a task force to combat the problem.

No robberies have been reported since Aug. 18.

″We believe this was an organized criminal activity of a relatively few people and it’s our objective to take those people out of circulation,″ Graham said at a news conference. ″We said we would do something about it, and we have secured results.″

Nine people have been arrested since Aug. 10 in connection with robberies.

Asked how long the patrols would continue, Graham said, ″I’m not prepared to say how many days, weeks or months it will take, but there will be no immediate letup on our war against these highway robbers.″

Maj. Gene Gracey of the Florida Highway Patrol said there had been 12 additional patrol cars assigned to I-95 trouble spots around the clock during the past month.

Neither Graham nor Gracey knew how much the increased staffing cost.

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