What the students had to say

February 8, 2019

Student Ellis Deardorff said he liked the bold flavor of the Brazilian stew he had for lunch on Wednesday in the school’s cafeteria. The Lake Havasu High School junior picked around the meat in the featured dish to get a forkful of rice from his bowl. Then he stabbed a piece of sausage, popped it in his mouth and declared that it was good.

“This is probably one of the better specials we’ve had here,” Deardorff said, adding that he would order it again if the protein-packed stew was offered.

“Interesting” is how student Jessee Richter described her portion of Brazilian stew. The featured menu item was the creation of visiting executive chef Brian Renz. He represents Taher, the food service company that caters to students in the Lake Havasu Unified School District. This week, he was introducing students to new flavors with the Portuguese-inspired stew.

Richter motioned to her three friends who were sharing the lunch table.

“We like to eat what’s different (in the cafeteria),” she said, using her fork to move the food around in her bowl. “This isn’t like school food. It’s good. It even has raisins in it,” she smiled.