Elizabeth Warren campaign releases list of dozens of legal cases she was involved in

May 23, 2019 GMT

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign on Wednesday released more details about dozens of past legal cases she was involved in that dealt with issues such as bankruptcy and class-action compensation.

Ms. Warren, a former law professor, was one of the nation’s “top experts” on how to make sure victims hurt by bankrupt companies eventually got paid, her website said.

“Throughout her career, she worked to help set up trusts and other mechanisms to return $27 billion to victims and their families,” it said.

The cases, which spanned 1985 to 2009, dealt with issues such as asbestos victim compensation, toxic waste dumping and business acquisitions.


The campaign included cases where Ms. Warren served as counsel, as well as those where she was a consultant, expert witness, or mediator, and some where she filed friend-of-the-court briefs.

In one case, Ms. Warren served as a consultant to the former directors of Getty Oil to advise them as Texaco filed for bankruptcy, amid a contract dispute with Pennzoil over a botched deal with Getty Oil.

In another, Ms. Warren was a consultant to try to secure compensation for women who claimed injury from silicone breast implants. Her campaign said her efforts helped lead Dow Corning, which filed for bankruptcy, to create a $2.35 billion fund to compensate women claiming injury from the company’s breast implants.

During her 2012 U.S. Senate campaign, Republicans had pressed Ms. Warren, who is campaigning on a platform of taking on big corporations and special interests, on her past corporate clients.

Her campaign did release a smaller compilation of her past legal work then.