County’s zoo plan is power grab -- Tom Heine

March 31, 2019 GMT

Joe Parisi’s recent decision to dissolve Dane County’s relationship with the Henry Vilas Zoological Society after the society has helped the zoo grow and mature for 100 years is the height of power gone bad.

The Madison golf course fiasco is another similar example. A city official dissolved a long-standing successful relationship with the golf pros and now he’s gone. Parisi’s power grab is just that. Perhaps it’s time for him to go as well. I’ve lived in Madison for 75 years and we have done great things and foolish things. This idea is not great.

Parisi seems to think he can simply snap his fingers and overturn a 100-year success story. We may all need to review Parisi’s other actions more closely to see if he’s applying a similar wrecking ball. Call your County Board representative and force this issue to a vote.

We love our zoo.

Tom Heine, Madison