Hailey Bieber’s exercise focus

March 13, 2019

Hailey Bieber exercises “consistently” to keep her energy levels up.

The model did lots of ballet dancing when she was growing up and whilst she has stopped that now, she always makes time for exercise and fitness as it helps her feel more confident and also keeps her going.

Speaking to the April issue of Marie Claire magazine, she said: “The biggest thing that makes a difference in my looks - and my energy level - is exercising consistently. I used to be a ballet dancer, so working out is important to me. I box, and I’m obsessed with hot Pilates, which I started maybe two years ago. I don’t break a sweat very easily, so when I do, I feel like I’m really getting things done.”

Meanwhile, Hailey previously confessed she often feels insecure.

She shared: “I’ve struggled with comparison. I come from a world of modelling where it’s really easy to compare myself to my own friends. You’re just surrounded by a lot of beauty. I would say that every girl struggles with comparing themselves, whether it’s on social media or [something else]. There’s always going to be other women or other girls that you feel insecure around, or that you compare yourself to: What if she’s this and I’m not this? or What if I’m this and she’s this? That is always happening no matter what, you know?”

Hailey has taken multiple breaks from social media because she finds sites like Twitter and Instagram can be “bad for her health”.

She added: “It just does something to your soul, I think, if you pay too close attention to it. Taking breaks from social media, I think, is really important. I have times where I’ll just take the app off my phone for like a week or a couple of days ... I think it’s bad for your health - the constant need to be picking your phone up and refreshing your feed just to see what it is that’s going on or what you’re missing.”

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