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Aspiring American Model Gets 14-Year Prison Term for Killing Playboy

June 21, 1986 GMT

MILAN, Italy (AP) _ Terry Broome, an aspiring American model, was convicted Friday of second- degree murder and sentenced to 14 years in prison after testifying that she accidentally killed a wealthy Italian playboy.

The jury deliberated for more than 7 1/2 hours before reaching a verdict in the eight-day trial that received testimony about drug use among the jet- set here in Italy’s fashion capital.

Miss Broome, 28, of Elgin, S.C., had been charged with premeditated murder in the June, 26, 1984, shooting of Francesco D’Alessio, a 40-year-old racehorse owner.


She had acknowledged that she killed D’Alessio, but said she did not mean to. She said she was intoxicated on cocaine and alcohol at the time of the shooting and upset over his advances and lewd public gestures and comments. Miss Broome said she went to his apartment to confront him, fired a pistol at a wall, and that he was fatally shot during a struggle.

On Tuesday, the prosecution ruled out premeditation and asked for a 15-year sentence for Miss Broome, who has lived in South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and New York.

Premeditated murder carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, Italy’s most severe penalty.

Miss Broome, seated in a metal-barred cage, closed her eyes as the verdict and sentence were announced by Judge Antonio Cusumano before a packed courtroom.

She said in her final statement to the court, ″I wish I could change what happened but that’s not possible. What I can do is start a new life and stay away from drugs and maybe I will mature a little bit.″

″We love you,″ said Miss Broome’s mother, Alice, as her daughter was led away.

Three other defendants, all former boyfriends of Miss Broome, also were convicted and sentenced.

Giorgio Rotti, a jeweler who lived with Miss Broome at the time D’Alessio was killed, was sentenced to one year and eight months on charges of aiding and abetting and cocaine dealing. Rotti was accused of helping Miss Broome flee the country. She was arrested in Zurich, Switzerland.

Carlo Cabassi, D’Alessio’s friend and landlord, also was sentenced to a year and eight months after being convicted of drug dealing. Claudio Caccia was given a four-month sentence on charges of false testimony.

In final arguments Friday, the defense portrayed Miss Broome as a victim of D’Alessio’s harassment, her own cocaine habit and an unintentional shooting.

″She looks like she is alive, but she is more dead than the man she killed without wanting to,″ attorney Raffaele Della Valle told the court.