Bridgeport house fire crept up on family: ‘Mommy, there’s a fire’

December 10, 2016 GMT

BRIDGEPORT—A suspected electrical fire at a Kent Avenue residence has left six people homeless.

“I was cooking dinner and I smelled something burning, like plastic, but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from” said Taisha, who rents the residence. “The power went out. We were trying to trip the breaker to figure out what (was) going on.”

Taisha almost lamented that she couldn’t handle it fire herself (her friend had tried to use an extinguisher on the flames).

She said that was down in the basement, trying to get the power back on when she said one of her children come to her in the dark when one of her children came down and told her “mommy there’s a fire where the light was.”

Local firefighters responded to the call with a split department—half were at an incident on the highway, according to Clark.

As she spoke in front of the damaged building, firefighters folded hoses in the frigid air.

“We called the Red Cross, we’re going to relocate two adults and four children,” said Assistant Chief Harold Clark. “It was an outlet, one of the light fixtures. It’s going to be under investigation (but) it looked like an electrical fire.”

“I feel like it’s Murphy’s Law,” said Taisha, who works at law office. “My car was stolen two weeks ago, now I have a fire.”

In order to quench the flames, firefighters had to drench and destroy much of the attic ceiling, leaving the second-story in tatters. Water and insulation smothered the floor and appliances under the singed ceiling rafters.

“We’re gonna be displaced, unfortunately ... but we’ll just figure out what happens,” she said.