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Man Crushed to Death By Ice Cream

April 10, 1991

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) _ A dairy delivery man was killed when a 500-pound rack of ice cream fell on him, crushing his skull, police said.

Joseph LaRose was fatally injured early Tuesday as he unloaded a delivery of Nutty Buddies at a supermarket.

LaRose, 31, was an employee of Sunstate Dairy and Food Products of Tampa, which operates the Pet Dairy Co. in St. Petersburg.

Police said LaRose had rolled the rack of ice cream onto a hydraulic lift at the rear of his truck. Normally, an 8-inch rim that sticks up from the lift keeps the rack from rolling off. However, the rim apparently was not up and the rack began to roll toward him as he stood on the ground at the back of the truck.

Tampa police spokesman Steve Cole said LaRose apparently tried to push the rack back, but it was too heavy. It fell on top of him, breaking his right leg and crushing his skull, the report said. He was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Co-workers said LaRose had been married for 14 months and had an 8-month- old son.

″He was a great guy,″ said a fellow employee, Wilbur C. Black. ″It was just terrible. I’m still shocked.″