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Report Five Arrested in Borobudur Temple Bombing

January 24, 1985 GMT

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) _ Authorities have arrested five suspects in connection with the bombing of the 8th century Buddhist temple of Borobudur, informed sources said today.

The sources said two of the suspects were reported to be directly involved in planting 11 bombs that damaged a section of the temple Monday. Damage to the temple, said to be the largest of its kind in the world, was estimated at $16,000.

The two main suspects reportedly were captured Wednesday in the central Java town of Magelang while they were allegedly making preparations to flee to east Java. Three other suspects were arrested in central and east Java on the same day, said the sources, who did not fully identify the suspects.

There has been no official speculation on the motives behind the bombing, although a former culture minister, Daoed Joesoef, said it may have been the work of Moslem extremists.

Authorities have ordered a thorough investigation into the case and have promised to punish all those involved in the bombing.

The temple was reopened in 1983 after 10 years and $25 million in reconstruction work.

The explosion destroyed nine of the temple’s 72 bell-shaped stupas or pagodas, tower-like structures containing relics of the historic Buddha. made up of ten terraces, holds 504 statues of the Buddha, 72 of which are found in the stupas that surround the temple.