Relocation Spotlight on John Daugherty, Realtors

January 27, 2019

John Daugherty, Realtors has been a leader in Houston’s luxury real estate market for over 50 years. According to Anne Incorvia, executive vice president, it is the company’s reputation, and the market knowledge and level of professionalism of its agents that keep clients coming back year after year.

During a recent interview, Incorvia shared her thoughts on the local luxury market, and what that means for people who are moving into and out of the Houston area.

Following are excerpts from our conversation:

MS: How do you define luxury as it relates to real estate?

AI: When you talk about luxury, I don’t think it is about a price point. I think luxury is an experience that John Daugherty, Realtors provides to every one of our clients, regardless of price point. Luxury is the level of experience, local expertise, and the willingness to go above and beyond for our clients. It is giving clients what they need, often before they know they need it.

We’re here to seamlessly connect buyers with sellers, and to deliver expert guidance and invaluable peace of mind to all of our clients. I think that luxury in real estate means delivering an experience like no other.

MS: How does your reputation as a luxury real estate firm enhance your ability to attract relocation clients who are looking to buy or sell luxury properties?

AI: It is in our name and our reputation. In our 50 plus years in business, we have established a stellar reputation locally, and through our affiliation with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and Luxury Portfolio, we have established that same reputation globally. That global exposure enables us to help our local buyers and sellers, and to assist clients anywhere in the world. It also brings valuable education, knowledge and expertise to our agents.

So, we have that stellar reputation, because of our services and because of the caliber of our agents, who really give the luxury experience to our clients.

MS: What are the factors that attract such a high level of agents to your company?

AI: They come here because of our reputation, the quality of the relationships that we have established, and because of our clientele. Also, because of their own relationships, they want to work with a company that they know would help them to further those relationships.

MS: How do you explain Houston’s luxury market to people who are moving here, especially given the fact that the market is very area and neighborhood specific?

AI: First of all, it’s important for consumers to understand that there isn’t a national real estate market. There is a local real estate market, and in the Houston area, there are several different micro markets, and there can be a luxury market within each one. And, just as the neighborhoods and areas can be very different from one another, so can the luxury markets. For example, the luxury market in The Woodlands is different from the luxury market in River Oaks.

MS: Are many of your relocation clients interested in Houston’s luxury high-rise market?

AI: We are seeing a mix right now. There are young professionals who are looking for high-rises, and we are seeing retirees who are looking for high-rises. Many people like this option, because vertical living makes it easy for them to lock and leave.

Houston is now going full speed ahead on vertical living buildings, and they are all very diverse. The one thing about Houston is that it is a very diverse city, so we have it all. And, on the luxury platform, we do have a lot of luxury vertical living available for people who are moving here.

MS: What message do you have for people who might have a home to sell due to an upcoming relocation?

AI: In a real estate transaction, there is always a lot of data that is important for agents to be giving to their clients. And, the one thing that consumers need to understand is that a real estate professional can give them data, but it is the buyer who will determine the price of the home. This is because the buyer is the one who is purchasing the home. So, it is not the listing agent, or the buyer’s agent, or the seller who determines that price.

Also, the buyer has many factors that will determine that price. It could be an emotional factor, or they could just walk into a home and decide that they are not going to pay a price, or they could walk in and decide that they love it and are willing to pay more for it.

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