NUSD Staff and students recognized

June 5, 2017 GMT

NEEDLES — Trustees recognized the efforts of several individuals, led by Mary McNeil, Ph.D., NUSD Superintendent of the Needles Unified School District during the board meeting May 16.

“At this time of the year we have staff who are retiring or departing and we have students who have shown great leadership skills. While it’s with mixed emotions, we really want to thank the staff and students for their service,” said McNeil.“Our district is as strong as it is because all of us put into it each and every day and we thank you for that.”

Presentations were made to Josefina Diaz, Lisa Gable (wasn’t present), Jennifer Maddox, Keli Cox-Hearn and Needles High School students Eason Lillard and Reid Shaver.


“Josefina Diaz is one of the teachers in the Career Tech Education program, which is a significant part of all school districts based on the new accountability regulations and based on our own Local Control Accountability Plan. So thank you for all that you have done with the computers in our district and website development and working with the community,” said McNeil. “You will be missed.

“Lisa Gable has been in our district for 27 years as an instructional aide and the classified staff are the backbone of our school district. Without them our jobs would be very difficult and working that many years as an instructional aide requires someone who is very committed with their work,” McNeil continued.

“Jennifer Maddox is our director of Maintenance, Operation and Transportation. In the 21 years she’s been in the school district she’s been our bus driver, bus driver trainer, inspector and multiple other things. As with all of our management positions, your leadership has made a difference and we hope that as we need a substitute bus driver that you’ll consider it!” McNeil laughed. “Kidding aside, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done.

“Kelly Cox-Hern isn’t retiring but she is departing. She has been in our district for nine years and in that time she was four years at the high school and five years at Vista (Colorado Elementary School). During that time, she taught reading to the first graders. On top of that, having to teach within the current California curriculum is very challenging. So I would like to say thank you for being here and what you’ve done for our students. You’ll be missed.”

“Now I’d like to recognize a student leader, Reid Shaver. As many of you know, Reid was our student board trustee from the start of the year.” Speaking directly to Shaver, she continued: “During that time the quality of your reports and enthusiasm have made a difference in our board meetings and entire school district.

“Last but not least our current student board trustee is Eason Lillard,” McNeil concluded. “During the second part of this year Eason has kept updated and informed of what is happening in the high school.”