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Fish planting

April 20, 2019

Harrietta State Fish Hatchery DNR staff planted 48,000 brown trout at 11 a.m. Friday near the SS Spartan.

The brown trout were transported from hatchery in Wexford County to Pere Marquette Lake, according to Jody Johnston Fisheries Technician from Harrietta Fisheries Hatchery.

“There are approximately 16,000 fish in each truck,” said Johnston.

The hatchery is like a pharmacy and the field biologist are like the doctors writing a prescription for health of the water, Johnston said,

Fish planting has been done at this same location for five years, according to Dick Underwood, a local resident.

The main reason for picking the location near Spartan, is the birds, according to Underwood.

“This is the absolute perfect spot. It’s easy, efficient and hides the fish from the birds,” Underwood said.

“This spot makes it harder for birds to dive bomb,” Johnston said.

David Murphy and Eric Askam, fisheries technicians with the DNR’s Harrietta Field Office also helped with the fish planting.

Scott Heintzelman, unit manager at Cadillac DNR Customer Service Center, said the hatchery is planning to finish the second round of brown trout planting in the area on April 26, and coho will be played April 23 at the Big Sable at Ludington State Park.

Thursday, roughly 35,000 lake trout were brought from Sullivan Creek National Fish Hatchery in Brimley to the Ludington harbor at the Loomis Street boat launch in two trucks.

Similar to Friday morning’s planting, Underwood was on hand along with many others to ward off any seagulls or other birds from snagging one of the five-inch long lake trout that were planted.