Oakland’s Fourth of July Parade draws crowd

July 6, 2018

Oakland’s Fourth of July parade drew a larger crowd than many were expecting Wednesday morning.

Participating waved to spectators along the route that started at the old Washington School and finished in the downtown area.

Rhonda Romera said there were more people than she thought. She lives in Drain, but works at the Post Office in Oakland.

“It was a blast,” she said of her first time attending the event.

Romera invited Kim and Patick McTevia, who brought a drag boat to the parade from their Veneta home.

They both said they didn’t know what Oakland’s population was (942 by latest estimates), but felt it was a large turnout for a small town.

“For a small town it was a lot of people,” Patrick McTevia said.

“I was really impressed,” Kim McTevia said.

After the parade, people gathered in Oakland City Park for food, music and a bounce house.

People sat around the square on blankets, enjoying the holiday.

Tim Mitchell, wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat, said he owns the oldest house in town.

He’s lived in Oakand for 23 years and said the parade was one of the reasons he moved from the once-small town of Cayucas.

“We knew everybody and everybody helped everybody,” Mitchell said, referring to Cayucas.

It’s the same feeling he got in Oakland.

“The sense of yesteryear, the camaraderie, the sense of neighborhood,” Mitchell said.

He said the values of yesteryear don’t happen in a big city.

“Where do you get a smile and a handshake and a hug for free?” Mitchell said.

And later he said, “this is a niche of history.”