Letters To The EDitor 10/4/2018

October 4, 2018

Fear of Mueller

Editor: Why is President Trump afraid of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation?

Is Trump guilty of obstruction of justice, or collusion with the Russians in the presidential election? Is he guilty of some other crime that Mueller is investigating? Trump continues to bash Mueller’s investigation via Twitter and continues to refer to the investigation as a “witch hunt” or “hoax.” Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, said, “In this case, the investigation was much worse than the no crime.” Giuliani keeps trying to discredit the investigation.

If Trump is not guilty of any crime, then why won’t he and his legal team let Mueller’s investigation proceed unhindered to a conclusion? After all, Mueller is highly regarded as an impartial and reputable counsel with impeccable credentials.

Typically, when people try to discredit or hinder or sidetrack an investigation it indicates they fear there is incriminating information.

Mueller and his team should bring the investigation to a conclusion and publish the results long before the election.





Return to Jersey

Editor: John Chrin should go back to New Jersey.

How dare he insinuate in commercials that because a child was attacked by an immigrant, all immigrants should not be allowed into the United States? What he says is that there are no criminals who are United States-born. He also insinuates that it is the fault of Rep. Matt Cartwright that the child was molested. Cartwright is a father first, before being a politician.

He is not at fault. I doubt he even knew it occurred. Additionally, Northeast Pennsylvania has a large population of elderly people. The people of Pennsylvania know that Chrin would reduce Social Security spending if he takes office. Pennsylvania does not need a Wall Street broker representing us in Washington.




Chrin responsive

Editor: During the July 4 Wright Twp. parade ceremony in Luzerne County, I attempted to meet Rep. Matt Cartwright.

I shook his hand, told him who I was, and where I was from. He said that’s great and proceeded to his vehicle. I was disappointed by the interaction. Luckily, I was able to spend time at the same event with his opponent, John Chrin.

I spent time talking to Chrin and his campaign team. They were very nice and I was impressed that they discussed the issues with me. I think he will be the candidate who would work better for us in Congress. At other events like this one, I have seen Chrin go out of his way to introduce himself and speak with voters on issues they care about.

Come November, I will vote for Chrin and recommend other voters who live in the 8th Congressional District to vote for him, too. 



Real predators

Editor: Readers may be familiar with John Chrin’s ad regarding the rape of a 5-year-old girl in Philadelphia, a sanctuary city.

I find this ad offensive because it focuses on a minority, illegal immigrants. The ad concludes that because Rep. Matt Cartwright supports sanctuary cities, he would be a co-conspirator when legal or illegal immigrants commit horrible crimes.

The fact that Chrin continues to run this ad in light of the recent grand jury report detailing how 300 priests sexually abused more than 1,000 children is ludicrous. If Chrin read the report he would see that most of these sexual predators are white males and American citizens.

Perhaps his ads should shift the focus to the issue of American predators. Does Chrin approve of that message?




Chrin out of touch

Editor: People I know talk about the Jerseyite who is running for Congress.

According to Times-Tribune accounts, John Chrin announced at Christmastime that he would run for Congress in eastern Pennsylvania, the place where he was born. He bought a house in Northampton County, registered to vote there and later filed a petition to run in the 8th Congressional District, where he did not live. His discovery that he did not live in the 8th District led to two results — most important, that he could not vote for himself in the Republican primary election, and that he gave dramatic proof that the intimate knowledge of Pennsylvania he boasted of was

clearly untrue.

After the primary, Chrin purchased a home at Skytop, a resort area in Monroe County. All these factors, the house changes, the voting registration in the wrong district, plus the fact that the anxious candidate was ignorant of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania conducting a redistricting of congressional districts, is evidence of the attention Chrin gives to Pennsylvania affairs.

It is interesting that he once claimed Pennsylvania was the place he felt at home. Now, in his ads and his speeches, it is never Northeast Pennsylvania.




Wagner preferable

Editor: Gov. Tom Wolf should be ashamed for calling himself an advocate for Pennsylvania teachers and their students.

Over the last four years, Wolf has not signed a single budget, which means he has not given a single dime to our schools and our teachers. The increases in education spending passed by the Republican Legislature have been eaten up by huge pension payments to union leaders who fund Wolf’s re-election campaign.

As a result, many school districts still find themselves drastically underfunded. Education is the cornerstone of not only this commonwealth, but our country’s economy and should not be used as a political ploy.

We need a governor who will put our schools and teachers first rather than his re-election campaign.

As governor, Scott Wagner has said he would invest real money in our public school classrooms to retool and redesign our education system. Over the past 40 years, our classrooms have not changed and as a state we have continued to do nothing to help our students and teachers. We need a governor who will champion career and technical education so that we can prepare our students for the workforce.

We need to tailor our education system toward students and with Wagner as governor I know children will have a brighter future.