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Charlene Travelstead: What is happening to our world?

January 29, 2019 GMT

Editor: I could not believe what I was hearing and reading about the Governor in New York legalizing abortion. What person in their right mind would take a life of a newborn child? The abortion would start with time of conception up to the birth of the child. A mother who carries a child for nine months or less loves this child unconditionally. My question is how can this governor pass a law legalizing abortion. This is called murder no matter how you cut it. The governor and whoever else is involved should be held accountable for this and the law must be overturned. Instead of aborting this child, please give him or her up for adoption. God created this human being and shame on anyone abusing it. I just saw a picture of a group of people after an abortion was performed, cheering and smiling. Do you think this was a great thing to do; if you do, you have a problem. I know God is forgiving and I ask him to please help me to forgive too. Please say prayers for all involved. God Bless everyone.

Charlene Travelstead

Lake Havasu City