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BB gun at Cleveland school raises alarm

May 21, 2018 GMT

A fifth-grade student at Eastside Elementary in Cleveland was detained and arrested Monday after reportedly bringing a BB gun to school.

The gun was not discovered until the third period of classes when another student made an outcry to a campus administrator, according to the district’s spokesperson Susan Ard.

“They went to his classroom and sure enough, he had the gun,” Ard said. “He told campus police he brought it to show his friends. He didn’t have any ill intent.”

In a letter being sent out to parents Monday afternoon, Ard wrote, “Cleveland Independent School District takes these situations very seriously, and we put safety as the first priority for our students. Parents expect their children to be safe at school, and the District’s intention is to provide a safe environment for everyone. Campus administration and law enforcement officials will continue to investigate this situation and appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.”

As an extra measure of protection, Ard is asking parents to lock up all the weapons in their house, even those that appear innocuous like BB guns, airsoft rifles and paintball guns.

“As much as we hate to do this to our children, we need to put them up where they have to ask for them. Put them under lock and key,” she said.