Queens marijuana supplier to Stamford dealer faces five years in jail

January 9, 2018

STAMFORD-A New York City man who allegedly delivered between 120 to 130 pounds of marijuana to a Stamford pot dealer last summer pleaded guilty in federal court to a marijuana trafficking offense.

According to a release by John Durham, United States’ Attorney for the District of Connecticut, Gustavo Garcia, 29, of Queens, New York, faces up to five years in jail when he is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Janet Bond Arterton on April 4, 2018 in New Haven.

Garcia, who federal authorities say sold 40 pounds of marijuana to Stamford resident William Reyes in July, was arrested in early October. A search of his Queens home turned up two pounds of marijuana along with $93,000 in cash and about $100,000 worth of jewelry purchased with profits from dealing marijuana, the release said.

This past Friday Reyes, known as “Big Head” also pleaded guilty to a single count of conspiracy to distribute marijuana in the investigation that was that involved Stamford police. He also faces up to five years in jail when he is scheduled to be sentenced in Federal court on March 30. Police arrested Reyes on July 26 and found 40 pounds of marijuana in his Stamford residence along with $71,000 in cash.

Garcia has agreed to forfeit the cash and jewelry that investigators found in his Queens home. Garcia has been released on a $250,000 court appearance bond.

Reyes also agreed to forfeit the $71,000 in cash.