TWO DOGS SHOT IN CHUBBUCK: Adult canine dies but puppy expected to survive

August 22, 2018 GMT

CHUBBUCK — Police in this Southeast Idaho city are investigating the Tuesday morning shooting of an adult dog and puppy.

The adult canine died. The puppy underwent emergency surgery and is expected to survive but his leg might have to be amputated.

Chubbuck police are investigating the shooting but as of Tuesday night no arrests have been made.

The two dogs, a 5-year-old St. Bernard named Gypsy and an 8-month-old Great Dane named Roman, were shot sometime between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. after escaping from the yard of their owner’s home in the 600 block of West Chubbuck Road, according to the dogs’ owner Shelby Hunt.


During a Tuesday phone interview, Hunt told the Journal that around 7 a.m. she received a call from a truck driver stating he located Roman in a pasture just west of Knudsen Road with an apparent gunshot wound to his right shoulder. Hunt said that five minutes later she received a call from a Chubbuck sanitation employee who located the body of Gypsy in a pasture just behind a building on West Chubbuck Road that previously housed a tanning salon.

Both of the animals were transported to Hawthorne Animal Hospital in Chubbuck.

Gypsy was dead on arrival.

Jeremy Rowberry, Hunt’s father, told the Journal that Roman underwent emergency surgery on Tuesday and is expected to survive. After stopping the bleeding, removing all bone fragments and metal shrapnel from the bullet and wrapping the wound, Roman is currently in stable condition, said Rowberry. Hawthorne veterinary staff will conduct further X-rays Wednesday to determine if the damage is severe enough that it will require the amputation of Roman’s leg.

Both of the dogs were wearing collars with tags containing their owner’s contact information.

Chubbuck Police Chief Bill Guiberson told the Journal that police detectives are actively investigating the shooting of the two dogs.

Hunt said the dogs have been known to escape the yard and swim in the canal near their home, adding that they usually return after a short while.

“We have absolutely no idea who might have done this or why,” Hunt said. “We get along with everyone but we also don’t reach out to many people so we have no clue who would want to hurt our animals.”

Rowberry said it is possible that the dogs were chasing livestock in the area, but the dogs are not aggressive and would never have attacked a person or another animal.

“Our St. Bernard is one of the most docile dogs,” Rowberry said.


Hunt added, “Our dogs are like the laziest dogs ever.”

Guiberson said the safest place for pets is on your own personal property.

“Nobody likes to see an animal get hit by a car or something malicious to happen to them,” Guiberson said. “But anytime we have a shooting in our city we take it as a very serious matter.”

If anybody has any information about the shooting they should contact the Chubbuck Police Department at 208-237-7172.

An online fundraiser has been set up to help pay for Roman’s veterinary bills. To donate visit https://www.gofundme.com/5zzkj34?member=637682.