Man indicted in 2016 robbery

May 6, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A Huntington man accused of being involved in a 2016 burglary that resulted in the death of a Huntington teenager has been indicted by a Cabell County grand jury, but not charged with his death.

Kori Hermon Barnes, 20, was indicted on charges alleging burglary and first-degree robbery for an investigation of a Dec. 20, 2016, incident that left Steven Bryant Washington, 18, of Huntington, dead.

Charges against Barnes, who was 18 at the time of the incident, had initially been dropped when a Cabell County magistrate found there was not enough evidence for the charges to move forward. However, the grand jury disagreed and returned the indictment.

The investigation into the incident started when Huntington Police responded to a report of a stabbing at about 7 p.m. Dec. 20, 2016, Huntington police officer Dakota Dishman said during a preliminary hearing.

During a January 2017 preliminary hearing, two victims testified that Barnes was one of three assailants who attacked them during an attempted robbery at their home.

Barnes soon after appeared at Cabell Huntington Hospital with a minor stab wound in the back, Dishman said. He said he was walking in the 1300 block of 4th Avenue when he felt a sting on his back and started to run.

Officers later received another call about a deceased body near that scene, but when they left to investigate and later returned to the hospital, Barnes was gone. Officers who arrived could not find a victim, a criminal complaint said.

After questioning several witnesses, investigators believe Barnes, who allegedly was armed with a handgun; Washington; and a 17-year-old juvenile were at an apartment known for frequent drug parties in an attempt to commit a robbery.

One of them allegedly pistol-whipped an 18-year-old male who was in a nearby parking lot before going to the apartment. A man who lives at the apartment said he went outside when he heard the altercation and witnessed at least one individual attacking his friend. The male said he saw the assailants coming toward his apartment and he ran inside, locking the door behind him, before grabbing a kitchen knife.

The individuals broke open his door, pointing a gun at him, he testified. The witness said he stabbed both individuals. The first was stabbed in the back, he said. His second swing of the knife missed.

The second person, Washington, was stabbed in the upper chest area. The pair quickly left, leaving the pistol behind, according to prior testimony. The male who stabbed the pair called a friend to remove the pistol from the home in case the individuals came back, he said.

Barnes fled the state and had to be extradited from Ohio.

He is serving a prison sentence for attempt to commit a felony.

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