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The Spotted Owl looks to expand to Akron

August 28, 2018 GMT

The Spotted Owl looks to expand to Akron

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Will Hollingsworth has confirmed the rumor that The Spotted Owl is expanding south to Akron.

Hollingsworth wouldn’t discuss the specific location but said he is “very close to a deal” that should be finalized this week.

“I’ve been working on it all year,” he said. “To use a sports analogy, we’re right at fourth and goal.”

The Spotted Owl, a Tremont cocktail bar that has been opened for four years, has evolved under Hollingsworth’s tutelage. It has settled in nicely in its sloping home on Jefferson Avenue, amid the neighborhood’s restaurants and bars, serving well-made drinks, a few wines, a handful of bottled brews and suggested shot-and-beer pairings.

“For us, when I set about opening the Owl, I had an aesthetic in mind for the nuts and bolts and what we were going to be,” he said.

When the Owl opened, he said, cocktails, beer and wine were limited. But over time the place started refining its offerings. It went through 14 menu incarnations. Hollingsworth is dedicated to trying things – and hearing feedback. And he came to a conclusion.

“Contemporary cocktails are what people want,” he said. “This actually might be something that really connects with a lot of people.”

Hollingsworth keeps a Dylan Thomas poem, “Fern Hill,” posted on The Spotted Owl’s website. “Time let me hail and climb,” says the narrator.

In Hollingsworth’s case, the climb looks to be a jaunt south to Akron.