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BC-OK--Oklahoma-APONE, Advisory, OK

January 4, 2019

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AP News Executives:

It’s time to start preparing your entries for the 2018 Oklahoma Associated Press News Executive (APONE) annual newspaper contest! The online platform is now available for uploading entries.

Contest rules can be found at: http://discover.ap.org/contests/oklahoma-newspaper. Tips for entering each category are included in the rules.

To submit entries or for instructions on using the BetterBNC platform, visit http://betternewspapercontest.com/2018-oklahoma-newspaper. The temporary password is Contest1.

The Associated Press state contests honor the best journalism at the local level across the country and this year we’d like your help judging them. In appreciation for your work, AP will give each judging contact at your organization a one-year license to the Online AP Stylebook. You can involve as many people from your staff as you like. Judging is done online and will start the beginning of February. You will have two weeks to complete assessments. If your organization is interested in judging this year’s AP contests, please email me with the following information for each judge: name, title, organization name, email, and phone number.

If you have any questions, please contact me, Lisa Sheldon at lsheldon@ap.org or 503.557.8173.

^AP-Oklahoma City

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