Nebraskans needed for Airbnb Experience hosts

December 16, 2018 GMT

OMAHA - Many Nebraskans are on the Airbnb bandwagon and renting out their homes or rooms to travelers to make extra money.

Airbnb is now on their way to becoming the end-to-end travel platform of the 21st century and are expanding their services.

Riccardo Ulivi is the head of North America Airbnb Experiences and says they want to provide travelers with events to enjoy. In order to do that they need Nebraskans to serve as Experience hosts.

Ulivi says, “Maybe a creative in Omaha who is into photography may want to take a group to his or her favorite photography spot. They can actually go to Airbnb and create what we call an Experience profile. Once they are ready to go live, it will be published on our website. The host lists the dates that are available, the price they want to charge, what they are going to do. Any travelers or locals who are visiting Omaha can book the experience and see the world, the city through the perspective of the host.”


There are several Airbnb Experiences in Omaha now that include a historic walking tour, a restaurant tour and a city gems tour that takes visitors to hidden treasures most don’t know about. Ulivi says there are opportunities statewide. The average Experience’s host that does two tours a week earns an estimated $10,000 a year in additional income. It is also a benefit for state and local economies. Ulivi says their goal is to get more Experiences on their platform.

For more information log on to www.airbnb.com/Experiences.