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Sims Must Be Held Accountable

May 21, 2019

Editor: Recently state Rep. Brian Sims, D-182, Philadelphia, engaged in behavior unbecoming of an elected official, recording his aggressive engagement of women and teenage girls prayerfully protesting outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic. In one video, before Sims took it off social media, he asks for assistance in “doxing” three young girls in an apparent effort to shame them through social media. Regardless of the side of the abortion debate one finds themselves on it must be recognized that civil discourse among factions is paramount in maintaining orderly outlets for individuals to exercise their First Amendment rights. The women were not attempting to stop individuals from entering the clinic and were not engaged in any type of verbal or physical abuse toward those entering the clinic. What Rep. Sims did was an attempt at denying the Constitutional rights of individuals whose concern for the denied Constitutional rights of the unborn often ruffles the collective feathers of modern society. Apparently Rep. Sims believes he is some sort of crusader and can go as far as potentially driving others to harass and silence individuals who choose to stand for those who cannot exercise their Constitutional rights because they are in utero. If Mr. Sims was merely a private citizen his behavior would be bad enough on its own merit, however, since Mr. Sims has the title of Representative in front of his name, I believe there is an expectation that he should be held to a higher account for his actions. What if those young women were the victims of attempted “doxing” and potentially placed in danger? I believe the answer is clear. Call your representative and demand accountability of Rep. Sims. Edward Chronowski BEAR CREEK TWP.