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The Insiders Fund was named the 4th best long short equity fund in 2019 by BarclayHedge

February 26, 2020 GMT

PARK CITY, Utah, Feb. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Alpha Wealth Funds reports that two of its three hedge funds were included in the list of the Top Ten performing hedge funds in the world in 2019 by BarclayHedge, a leading independent alternative database vendor. The Insiders Fund was named the 4th best performing hedge fund in the long-short equity category. Theta Investments was named the 9th best performing fund in the options category.

The Insiders Fund is based on a common-sense strategy. Portfolio manager and founder of Alpha Wealth Funds, Harvey Sax, explained his strategy: “If the very people that were running the company weren’t willing to buy their own stock at or near prices the general public could buy it at, why should I? I wish more people would pay heed to what management is doing with their own money. Too many companies today use their stock as their own personal piggy bank, awarding themselves stock options and then announcing giant buy backs that they sell their stock into.”

Insider buying is just a first screen, Sax said. Further analysis is done to understand what management saw in the merits of buying their own stock. Cash flow, analyst reports, 10 Ks’ and Qs’, technical analysis, industry trends, market sentiment, catalysts that could move the stock, and more are all considered in the investment decision.

Sax believes that significant outperformance, or alpha, is most likely found in emerging hedge fund managers. There are at least 14,000 thousand emerging hedge fund managers out there, most of them no one has ever heard of, but nonetheless, many smart, honest investment managers battling every day to make good on their investor’s money and prove their value to themselves and their partners.

“Amazingly enough,” Sax stated, “Alpha Wealth Funds had two of those top performers last year. Theta Investments, managed by Russell Kellites, has had one of the best track records in its peer group for years. Alpha Wealth’s third and newest fund, The Volatility Advantage fund, started in the 4th quarter of 2018, did not report for the full year as management wanted it to season before reporting. In hindsight, that was a really dumb idea; It was up over 71% and would have been the #1 performing long-short hedge fund in Barclay Hedge’s database in 2019.”

Alpha Wealth Funds is a boutique investment advisory firm, based in Park City, Utah, with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Their services range from financial planning, separately managed accounts to emerging hedge funds. Since 2010 they have been shredding the S&P 500 and the finest snow on earth.

BarclayHedge is a leading independent alternative database vendor. Please note: BarclayHedge is not affiliated with Barclays Bank or any of its affiliated entities

Media Contact: Harvey Sax

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