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Quayle, Callejas Deliver Commencement Addresses With AM-Bush, Bjt

May 13, 1990

OXFORD, Miss. (AP) _ Vice President Dan Quayle told graduates at the University of Mississippi on Saturday that it’s time to build on the signs of freedom observed in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States.

″Though we now have freedom-making advances, it will take this generation’s leadership to make sure that it is permanent and not temporary,″ Quayle said.

He told the 1,150 Ole Miss graduates that their generation must help those in emerging democracies develop economic and technical skills.

″Eastern Europe lacks these skills, yet the people of Eastern Europe are determined to make the transition from a controlled economy to a free-market economy,″ Quayle said.

″Helping them will require new strategies and creative policies,″ he said. ″Freedom means peace. Tyranny brings conflict. This generation of leadership is committed to freedom.″

The vice president said Americans realize that a more democratic world is likely to be a more peaceful world.

But he said the United States must watch out for ″enemies of democracy who will try to turn the clock back.″


STARKVILLE, Miss. (AP) - Honduran President Rafael Callejas Saturday urged graduates of Mississippi State University, his own alma mater, to make sure the barriers to democracy keep tumbling down.

Callejas shared his vision of a united Central America with the 1,450 graduates and their guests.

″I am working to pool economic and natural resources in order to establish the foundation from which our young Central American democracies can flourish,″ he said.

″I envision a Central America free of hostility, free of violence, free of drugs, and free of barriers to trade and economic cooperation.″

Callejas cited his own election in November, which marked the first peaceful transfer of power to an opposition party in Honduras in 57 years, as just one among many recent democratic triumphs around the world.

He recalled his own Mississippi State graduations, with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics in 1965 and a master’s degree in 1966.

″Today my dream is to achieve for my country those wonderful principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - principles I learned here at Mississippi State,″ Callejas said.

″I want my country to live in a world of democracy and peace, in a world of economic stability and opportunity for every person.″

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