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A new look hits the streets

December 8, 2017 GMT

Ector County residents may notice a new look for the deputies of the Ector County Sheriff’s Office.

They are now patrolling the county with that new look, as the department has unveiled new uniforms.

As opposed to the previous button-down dress shirts deputies were wearing, they are now wearing beige polo shirts, with a sheriff’s badge emblem on the front and ‘SHERIFF’ written on the back.

ECSO Spokesperson Sgt. Gary Duesler said they made the switch due to the new shirts being more comfortable. In addition to the new shirts are brown battledress pants and black boots.

The uniforms are also cutting back on the use of leather, which was previously required for officers to wear for their duty rig, but Duesler wrote in a press release that it has become more expensive and more difficult to find a supplier.

Duty rigs are the belts deputies use to hold gear such as their handgun, handcuffs and radio.

“Law enforcement in general has moved away from leather to nylon because of cost factors and it is also less weight and wears better over a long period of time,” Sheriff Mike Griffis said in a statement.

Duesler said the decision was made due to a discussion between Griffis and patrol officers, who told the sheriff they wanted new uniforms.

“The new look allows use of black duty gear, which is far less expensive than brown leather previously worn,” Duesler said.

Duesler added that the uniforms were purchased with seizure funds, and are at no cost to the taxpayers.