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Phony bills lead rail rider to jail in Stamford

August 6, 2018 GMT

STAMFORD — A woman who tried to pay a train fare with phony $20 bills — the kind used on film sets — was caught with just over $30,000 worth of the funny money, according to Metropolitan Transit Authority police.

Makeeva Adams, 40, was on a Stamford-bound train with a friend on Sunday afternoon when a conductor asked for her ticket. Adams, believed to be of Stamford, allegedly handed the conductor two $20 bills that were obvious fakes, a report of her arrest said. She and the female friend Melonie Clinton were taken to the Stamford MTA police base and Adams was charged with sixth-degree larceny. No further information was available on Clinton.


While the officers were processing Adams, they found that she had 485 more fake bills worth just over $30,000. Many of the bills were marked “For Motion Picture Purposes” in the upper right hand corners, the report said.

The bills she allegedly offered the conductor had ink over the markings to conceal them, the report said.

When asked where she got the funny money, Adams told the officers, “From my job,” but would not elaborate further.

According to the documents in her court file, Adams is employed by a temporary staffing service as a warehouse worker.

The Secret Service was advised of the arrest and she was ordered held in lieu of a $2,500 court appearance bond at her arraignment at the Stamford courthouse on Monday.