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February 7, 2019 GMT

LUNENBURG -- Think you know your movie trivia? Here’s your chance to prove yourself. The FlickWish Showdown on Saturday, Feb. 16, will feature two teams of movie fans from grades 6 to 12 battling it out for cinema supremacy at the Boys and Girls Club of Lunenburg.

The contest, which is sponsored in part by Cinema World in Fitchburg, will be broadcast live on the FlickWish Rising podcast, which is hosted by Bill Harris. He said the idea to host a movie trivia competition came from his son and co-host, Brandon, 12, while they were listening to replays of the podcast during a car trip.


“He said we should come up with something that his friends would be interested in,” Harris said. “I thought, ‘What if we did a trivia game show and made that an actual segment of the podcast?’” The FlickWish podcast features Harris and his son chatting with local movie enthusiasts about the latest Hollywood trends and blockbusters.

The showdown, which will feature three rounds of multiple-choice trivia, will be broadcast live over several social media platforms, including iTunes, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Each member of the winning team will receive a $30 gift certificate to Cinema World and a spot in the FlickWish Championship Tournament which will be held in Boston in October.

Harris said the teams would be assembled NFL draft-style on the day of the contest. He said the questions in the competition would be tailored to fit the interests of the participants, and that each contestant will be asked to provide a list of their favorite movies.

“I’m basically going to put all those movies in a random pile and then pull my questions from that, because we want to give the kids a chance to guess correctly,” Harris said.

Harris said he was relieved to find out that many parents and school officials were behind the idea of a movie trivia quiz for students.

“Everybody has been very supportive and it’s given people a chance to check out the show,” Harris said.

The FlickWish Showdown will become an annual event, according to Harris, who said he hoped to expand the contest to include students from surrounding towns.

“I want to take this to other schools and other students, and we’re talking to people who might want to sponsor the event,” Harris said.

Students who would like to compete in the event should register at FlickWish.com by February 14.

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