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Feedback on Facebook: The 5 most failed classes at Utah Valley University

December 25, 2017 GMT

What advice would you give to students struggling in these classes?

UVU Institutional Research and Information details data on course information at the university, including the most failed subjects by number of students (note: not percentage).

Think anatomy is the No. 1 most failed? Think again.

Susan Mikesell I hated my Ethics and Values class. Parts of it were interesting, but overall I felt like my teacher was trying to brainwash me into thinking like a leftist loon...he didn’t succeed though, and I managed to escape that class with a C-.


Jon Brewer Try BYU Independent Study and transfer the credits. Though that won’t eliminate the hard work. I almost failed all my high school math classes, but got A’s in both Math 1010 and 1050 at UVU because I worked hard and refused to believe that “I’m just not good at math.”

Michael Joseph Walker Hrmmm. I teach that Ethics class ... My advice is that if at first you don’t succeed, try again. Also, UVU has tons of resources and great instructors and professors who want you to succeed. Many of these courses have lots of tutoring options through UVU’s University College tutoring center. I recommend students talk to their academic advisor to explore options. And talk to your professors. Good luck and have a great day!

Kat Fisher Took 4 out of 5 of these and got A’s in them all. They’re not easy classes, but hard work will get you through them. Slacking definitely will not, ESPECIALLY math and English. The math lab was my home for awhile.

AJ Torres Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved UVU but let’s be honest, outside of upper division specialty classes there is no way that a person with a pulse should fail any classes.

Rafael A Prado Math, Econ, and Science professors at BYU and UVU tend to be terrible. The problem is that the professors know their subject areas well, but don’t have an pedagogical training.

Paul D Crown The ethics and values is a study of ethos, pathos, logos, great thinkers in history, etc. Since...the author didn’t even bother looking up the course catalog and simply said they didn’t understand how it could be failed.

Cory Dodge It’s called ology.

The “Ethics” and “Values” class is just plain stupid. Learned nothing, and my opinions didn’t change a bit.

Wendy Shoop My college students say they are hard classes to weed out those who lack determination. Or maybe it has something to do with the ‘New Math’ since 2 are math classes.


Shane Vailolo Nuga-Tuimaseve What do you know. All the classes you need to graduate. And what’s crazy is a former teacher from uvu said the school is a conspiracy theory in real life. She did that uvu purposely flunks kids, so they can keep coming back to repay tuition, fees and books, thus adding the university more profit to their bottom line. Lol. Her words not mine. But best of luck to struggling students.

Brett Coffin These are all 1st or 2nd year classes, people fail them because they don’t want to work.

Mark McPherson Drop out, college isn’t for everyone.