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Upviral Review: Grow Traffic, Leads, and Sales

July 25, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - July 25, 2020 - You don’t need to advertise to grow your business.  Upviral campaigns can bring more sales through rewards and referrals. Let’s take a glimpse of the possibilities using this platform. 

 What is Upviral

Upviral is an ultimate referral system that integrates into the existing funnel systems and tools. It simply means that it is a tool that helps businesses get the attention to grow big quickly. Upviral focused on running a specific contest to have viral campaigns. As you can see, it’s different from the typical email marketing platforms like MailChimp.

With this tool, your business will get traffic, leads, and sales in a unique way. It’s the fastest way to grow business online. Through this, you can increase your sales exponentially to an unlimited degree.

 This referral system is considered the most complete in the world. It can generate traffic, grow your list, and convert the subscribers to become customers. After all, these will bring in new sales. You can choose from the viral sweepstakes, viral rewards, and viral waitlists to run.  You can als get Discount Coupon from here.

Viral Sweepstakes of Upviral

Using the Upviral Sweepstakes can build more traffic and get more leads, which will eventually lead to more sales. This referral system gives a comfortable full-blown viral campaign. You’ll get a pre-optimized campaign in which you can only do minor edits. It will become ready in less than 5-10 minutes to promote your product. Get an automated trigger email, a custom email, or follow-ups to make your customers stay. It has a real-time fraud detection that will keep your business, sweepstakes, and subscribers safe. There’s also an unlockable milestone to keep the participant motivated with the referral milestones that give an automatic reward for every referral you make from 3, 5, and 10. 

Using Viral Sweepstakes will save you time because of the ready to convert templates. There’s no need to design a new one. You can be ensured that there will be a steady conversion because of the proven ability to optimize templates in any niche. Simply tweak the design at the editor by dragging and dropping to match the brand and create a perfect campaign for your business. Take advantage of the intuitive virtual editor, templates for the whole funnel, closed campaign pages, editable social share pages optimized for mobile, and support all languages. You can also gamify your campaigns with smart leaderboards. Through this, it will heighten the competition and increase referrals. 

You can also make a combination of sweepstakes and rewards for your ultimate viral campaign. Mixing these two types of contests will give such a leap in your record. You can build referral and make a sale both with and without any advertising. It is a powerful tool that will increase the return of investments, lower the ad costs, and boost sales. Something you can do is through the following:

● Upviral coupon system

● Retargeting pixel support

● Sending tags to the autoresponder and the CRM

● Triple AB testing

Your business is different; that’s why Upviral wants to bring out the best by developing a custom action. It’s more specific to your business, and providing an extra incentive to the participants will boost the market. Then get more shares through the rich tweet support and the Facebook newsfeed compatibility. You can also host an UpViral campaign on your site by using the widget campaigns. Simply put, the code on the site.   To get started and start your campaign click here.

Viral Rewards of Upviral

With this rewarding campaign, you’ll get on-demand traffic. So, if you want a great impact in the marketplace and want to do it quickly, this ‘reward campaign’ is very fulfilling. Everyone loves a bargain, and the best of all is free. With this system, you can make a reward campaign that will match the product and the service. It’s the right choice for creating a huge social buzz around the product, service, or brand. By giving a reward to the participants when they share the contest and bringing a new referral, it can become possible to get a big list quickly. Doing so will give your business the following:

● Gain loyalty and recognition because of offered freebies and discounts

● Launch a product without spending any fortune on advertisements.  

● Create a reliable business by making a massive list of the target subscribers in the fastest way possible.

● Create a lead machine. 

The incredible viral campaigns that you can do are a complete reward system, unlockable milestones, unlimited rewards, and set and forget rewards. To get started you can click here. When you offer a complete reward system, you’ll keep a fresh viral campaign with referrals growing up. There is no limit – URLs for contents, downloadable files, ebooks, software, coupon codes, etc. The unlockable milestone can keep the participants engaged and highly motivated because they can get an automatic reward for every referral they make. For example, you can reward them every 3, 5, or 10 referrals they make. 

Next is the unlimited rewards. You can offer as many rewards as possible and keep your subscribers refer new people to your business. Set and forget rewards; you can use the automatic reward delivery system that tracks the subscribers and email them the prizes when they reached the milestone. You can also get more shares using the tweet support and the Facebook newsfeed and fully automate the viral campaigns. You can do the following:

● Auto-select the winners at random

● Auto-select the winners based on the accumulated points

● Send prizes and reward notifications automatically

● Auto award the prizes

● Automatic schedule of campaign

● Handpicked the winners

Through the use of the ready to convert templates, you can ensure that you’ll get conversions. The templates are virtually optimized for any type of niches. You can just tweak the design and drop the editor to match the brand and create a viral campaign that will perfectly suit your campaign. You can enjoy the following features:

● Intuitive visual editor

● Templates for the whole funnel

● Closed campaign pages

● Editable share pages

● Optimized for mobile devices

● Supports all languages

You can build referrals and make a sale without paying for any advertisements. The users of this software can access the sales tools to increase the return of investments. It has lower ad costs and can boost your sales. Simply use:

● Coupon system

● Retargeting pixel support

● Sends tags to autoresponder and CRM

● Triple A/B testing

There’s also a built-in tool to make the email easy. Upviral can provide everything necessary to nurture leads, encourage referrals, and transform subscribers to customers. It has an advanced email personalization, multiple sender profiles, embedded social buttons, one-click shares, sign-ups, streamlined email templates, and sophisticated autoresponder and CRM support. You can also host your campaigns on your site.  

Viral Waitlists of Upviral

At viral waitlist and pre-launch campaigns, you can lock in the big result. Using this campaign gives a competitive edge because you can grow your customer ahead of time, and getting ahead of time means good business. Using this viral to build anticipation about the next product launch is worth gold. You can make your upcoming launch a big bang by bringing tons of referrals to the party. You can also use the following features:

● Pre-optimized campaigns

● Automated trigger emails

● Rea-time fraud detection

● Unlockable milestones

You can create your future business today using this platform. The more the people on the waiting list, the bigger the buzz when you go live. Then the unique referral links can be shared by the participants anywhere. It’s also optimized for Facebook and Twitter. You can build your business using a custom action. It will keep building the audience and the brand. With the instant subscription, you can transform your existing list to a powerful asset using the one-click link that bypasses the opt-in page. 

The availability of the highly optimized templates will save you time. You can utilize the template and tweak your design using the drag and drop editor to match your brand and make a viral campaign that will suit your business perfectly. This viral campaign will also test new ideas and concepts on a target audience. The integrations and the easy API connections mean that you’re always within a touching distance of an easy, fast, and free-market test. You can use the following features:

● Easy HTML integration

● 50 + API integrations

● Connect with Zapier

● Segment leads with tags

● Advanced CRM integration

Using this viral waitlist, you can spread the word of your business launch in a far and wide area. You can access this powerful tool to increase ROI while lower the cost of the ad and boost your sales. You can use the coupon system, retargeting pixel support, and triple AB testing. You can also host your campaign on your website.  For more details visit official website.

How to Start with Upviral

Upviral is very easy to use. You only need to follow the three steps below:

Step 1. Design

Your business is your way; the UpViral provides you the flexibility to create the appropriate contest for your business. You can customize to fit your brand. The campaign wizard will help you throughout the process smoothly. 

Step 2. Choose Template

The templates are highly optimized to convert into sales. The options for templates are already proven to have generated millions of leads and sales. You can simply choose from these templates that will fit your niches and customize or tweak the design. 

Step 3. Publish 

You can host the viral campaign anywhere. You can embed it on your site and other platforms. Just when you’re ready to start collecting leads, you simply need to publish.  


Upviral is a unique tool to grow your business traffic, leads, and sales. Using this referral and reward system, you don’t need to do hard advertising using various platforms and waste your money for payments that you’re not even sure if it will make a sale. With the reward system, you reward people who will bring in leads to you. If you’re ready to grow your business, simply choose from the viral campaign that fits your business, and get started. 

For more information and getting started visit official website